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Manage a Social Media conversation

Managing Facebook and Twitter conversations is similar to managing any other type of interaction. You must display the Current Interaction view to respond to a social media interaction.

To manage a Social Media conversation:

  1. Select a Social Media interaction in My Interactions or other queue view and click Pickup.

  2. Result: The interaction appears in the Current Interaction view. This view contains an entire Facebook conversation or Twitter conversation.

    Tip: To display the Current Interaction view, see Add or Close Views.

  1. To reply to a Facebook comment or Tweet, do one of the following.

  2. Note: Your replies appear on your company's Facebook page or your company's Tweets and replies page. Your replies also appear in the Current Interaction view after a short interval. You cannot reply to comments or Tweets for held or disconnected interactions.

    • To reply to the root post or initial Tweet, type in the Write a Comment box at the bottom of the Current Interaction view, then click the Send icon.

    • To reply to any post or Tweet, select the Reply icon below a comment. Type a reply and click the Send icon.

      Tip: Instead of typing a reply, see Use Response Management in a Social Media conversation.

  1. Optionally, do any or all of the following:

    • To mark a message as "read," click the corresponding check box.

      Result: This action also hides the message. To display the message again, clear the check box.

      Note: If you refresh and reload the browser page, messages marked as "read" disappear.

    • To display a full-sized image in a message, click the image. For more information, see Social Media Images.

    • To record a Social Media conversation, click the Snip button.

      Note: CIC does not support Ad hoc recordings of Social Media interactions. For more information, see Recording Types.

    • To transfer a Social Media conversation, select the interaction in My Interactions or other queue view and click the Transfer button.

      Note: You can transfer only to workgroups selected as Conversation workgroups. See Configure Facebook channels and Configure Twitter Channels.

  1. When you finish the Facebook conversation, select the interaction in My Interactions or other queue view and click Disconnect.

  2. Tip: Or you can place the interaction on Hold and return to it later.

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