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Installation Tasks

To install Interaction Conference:

  1. If you have not done so already, follow the procedure in the PureConnect Installation and Configuration Guide to download and copy the ICON .iso file:

  2. On the desired computer, access the share and run Install.exe from the \Installs directory.

  3. Select the check box for the wanted components, then click Install.

Note: Use the install program to install the individual components listed in the table. Do not run the .msi files individually. The only exceptions are components that an administrator or user installs on a client workstation.

There are five different installation programs available with Interaction Conference.

Installation Program

Required or Optional

Client or Server




Web Server

Installs the Interaction Conference web application used to schedule  conferences.



CIC Server

Installs the Interaction Conference plugin for Interaction Administrator, sets a server parameter, copies other installs to shares, and prepares the CIC Server for Interaction Conference.




Installs the Interaction Conference plugin on workstations with Microsoft Outlook




Run on workstations where Interaction Administrator is installed and administrators configure Interaction Conference.



Off-Server Session Manager

Installs a separate Session Manager plugin on Off-Server Session Manager (OSSM) servers for sites with over 2000 users and large numbers of conferences.


To install and configure Interaction Conference, complete the following tasks.  The installation tasks are:

  1. Install the Interaction Conference Web Server application on an IIS web server.

    InteractionConferenceWebServer_20xx_Rx.msi installs the web application used to schedule conferences. Select this on a server that has Internet Information Server (IIS) installed. You can optionally run the Interaction Conference Web Server install on a web server hosting other applications, including PureConnect applications and features
    The Interaction Conference Web Server (.msi) installation program is included in the Interaction Conference .iso download files available on the PureConnect Product Downloads page:  

  2. Install Interaction Conference Plugins on CIC servers.

    ICServer_IConferencePlugins_20xx_Rx.msi enhances Interaction Administrator by adding the Interaction Conference container, which manages general configuration settings and details about conference rooms, including virtual conference rooms. The installation adds a required server parameter, creates an Outlook Plugin install share for users, and starts the IConference subsystem.

  3. Optionally install Interaction Conference plugins on Off-Server Session Manager servers.

    SessionManager_IConferencePlugins_20xx_Rx.msi is for large CIC sites that have more than 2000 users, who have elected to run one or more Off-Server Session Manager Servers. Do not select this unless you run Session Manager on dedicated servers. Do not select this on CIC servers.

  4. Install the Interaction Conference Outlook plugin on client PCs that have Outlook installed.

    Installation of Interaction Conference components on CIC places MSOutlook_IConferencePlugins_20xx_Rx.msi in a share that users can access to install the Interaction Conference Outlook plugin. The Outlook plugin makes it possible for Outlook users to schedule a conference within an Outlook Appointment. Administrators can notify users that the install program in this share is available. Administrators can also set up a group policy to install this component.

  5. If you run Interaction Administrator on a workstation (not the CIC server), select ICServerManagerApps_IConferencePlugins_20xx_Rx.msi to update Interaction Administrator for compatibility with Interaction Conference. Installation does not require configuration decisions. Running the .msi on a client workstation is a fast process. Before a user can configure or edit Interaction Conference resources in Interaction Administrator, that user must have the appropriate Admin Access and Security Rights.

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