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Administration Procedures

A user can use the Interaction Conference plugin for Microsoft Outlook or the Web interface to schedule calls. Administrators use containers in Interaction Administrator and the ASP.Net web application to manage settings and conferences.

  • Assign right to configure global settings.

    Once this right is assigned, a user can configure global Interaction Conference settings, using the Interaction Conference Container in Interaction Administrator.

  • Assign right to manage individual conference rooms.

    Users with this right can modify the configuration of specific conference rooms, or all conference rooms if *[All] is granted.

  • Assign right to create and modify conferences.

    Users with this right can create and modify the conferences they created, or optionally manage all conferences.

  • Establish general configuration settings.

    This procedure explains how to use the Interaction Conference container in Interaction Administrator to configure settings that apply to all conferences. These settings are configured in the Interaction Conference Container and the Conference Rooms node.  This procedure must be performed once before Interaction Conference can be used.  The right to configure global settings must have been previously granted at the default user, user, role, or workgroup level.

  • Define conference rooms.

    When Interaction Conference components are installed on a CIC or EIC server, a new Interaction Conference container is added to Interaction Administrator, the primary application used to administer CIC servers. Define at least one conference room before scheduling an Interaction Conference. Additional conference rooms can be defined at any time.

  • Configure Interaction Conference phone numbers and stations.

    Before or after you define a conference room, create a phone number for external parties and an internal station with an extension and link them together, so internal (CIC users) and external guests are in the same room.

  • Define email templates.

    This procedure shows how the administrator can create email message templates for meeting invitations and cancellations.

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