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Interaction Supervisor iPad Edition introduction

Interaction Supervisor iPad Edition is a performance monitoring system for mobile CIC contact center supervisors. It provides contact center statistics about people and queues. This iOS app for iPad is available from the App Store. iPad is a trademark of Apple, Inc.

Executives, supervisors, managers, and IT professionals can us Supervisor iPad Edition to monitor agents and queue activity in real-time. Supervisor provides immediate operational information and notifications for special events.

To use Interaction Supervisor iPad Edition, an I3_ACCESS_IPAD_USER_SUPERVISOR access license must be assigned to the user. This assignment is performed in Interaction Administrator from the Licensing tab of a user properties dialog.

Interaction Supervisor iPad Edition uses Interaction Center Web Services (ICWS), a scalable web service interface that connects Customer Interaction Center with client applications. ICWS provides the connectivity that a client application needs to work with interactions, directories, people, configuration, and statistics. ICWS manages connections with CIC and performs actions for the connected session user.

The instructions in the Interaction Supervisor iPad Edition Administrator's Guide help system administrators set up ICWS certificates to support users of Interaction Supervisor iPad Edition. For the convenience of the administrator, some of the information in the guide is extracted from the CIC PureConnect Security Features Technical Reference.

For more information about security features in CIC, see the CIC PureConnect Security Features Technical Reference at  . The document covers use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure RTP (SRTP) protocols. It also covers public key cryptography and certificates that enhance application security.

The Interaction Supervisor iPad Edition Administrator's Guide contains the following major topics:

Configure server settings

Web server certificates for iPad apps

Configure CIC for images used by the Locator

Enable agent queue viewing

Configure supervisor rights to activate and deactivate agents