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Interaction Web Portal combines several key call center management features to track your call center activity through a simple web-based portal.

On the Home page of the portal, you can see up to five portlets. The number of portlets you see depends on your role within the organization and the portal features to which an administrator grants you access. Each portlet displays information about current activity and contains a link where you can view more details.

Each of the portlets is described below.

Call Recordings

In the Call Recordings portlet, agents and supervisors can view statistics for a workgroup's calls, including the average recording score, average handle time, and the length of the longest call. Then, they can jump to the recording viewer and run pre-defined or ad-hoc queries of call recordings and stream the actual recordings.

Interaction Statistics

The Interaction Statistics portlet displays current call center statistics and charts for the specified workgroup. It links to the statistics carousel where supervisors can view an automatically rotating display of various statistics and charts.  

Call Monitoring

The Call Monitoring portlet allows supervisors to listen to agents on live telephone calls as a means of judging agent performance.

Historical Reports

The Historical Reports portlet displays the run information for the most recent or upcoming reports. Click the Show Reports link to view detailed lists of the available reports, recent reports, and upcoming reports. Supervisors can download, view, or email any of the recent reports.

Portal Management

The Portal Management portlet is where the administrator sets up organizations, users, and workgroups, and configures a wide range of settings, including security, service-level indicators, and announcements. It is also where the administrator configures settings for the other four portlets.   

Note: The portlets you see and the functions you can perform within the portlets are based on your user role and the features to which you have access. For example, users with the Agent role will only see the Call Recordings portlet. For more information, see User Roles.



Rev. March 25, 2020