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Work with Call Recordings 

The Interaction Web Portal Call Recordings portlet displays statistics for call recordings and allows you to open the recording viewer.

The call recording statistics that appear on the Home page are:

  • Average score -- An average that is based on all of the workgroup's scorecards that were finished over the past 30 days.

  • Average wait time (in seconds) -- The total time during which different ACD interactions waited in the workgroup queue before they were ACD-assigned, divided by the number of ACD interactions for the specified period.

  • Longest call (in seconds) -- The duration of the longest, currently active, inbound ACD interaction for the workgroup. This value defaults to 0 if there are no active inbound ACD interactions.  

In the recording viewer, you can:

When you select a specific recording, that recording is loaded into the media player and you can do any of the following:

  • Click Next to load the next recording into the media player.

  • Click Previous to load the previous recording into the media player.

  • Click Play to stream the recording.

  • Click Pause to pause the audio. The audio buffer continues to stream down to the recording viewer.

  • Click Refresh to refresh the query.

  • Click Download this recording to download the selected recording to a local directory. An administrator must enable this feature.

  • View the scorecards associated with a recording.

  • Move the volume control to adjust the volume of the audio.

A recording state bar at the top of the recording viewer displays the state of the recording (buffering, playing, or recording), followed by the recording ID.

An audio progress bar advances as a recording is played. A small circle indicates the current position in the recording. The user can move the indicator to the right to move forward in the recording or to the left to replay a portion of the recording.

Warning:  Genesys disclaims any responsibility for end-user or licensee to comply with federal or state law restrictions regarding Record or Listen capabilities of ICME software. The licensee hereby warrants and represents that the end-user or licensee will use the product in compliance with any federal or state law.

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