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Email Operations

The following nodes perform actions on Email objects:



Build Email Reply

Allows the user to configure specific attributes of a message that will be sent in response to the inbound email. Additionally, the user can select the processing that will occur after the reply has been built.

Email - Disconnect

Stops processing an email message. Messages can optionally be stored in a folder.

Email Transfer

Branches between two possible operations based upon the result of a rule.  A rule is a logical expression based on the email address, subject, or body text that evaluates to True or False.  If the rule evaluates as True, then the flow will jump to one node; if the rule is False, then the flow will jump to another node.

Email - Run Subroutine

Passes the current email object to a custom handler.  The processing that the subroutine performs occurs is up to the handler author.

Email - Logging

Writes free-form text, the date and time, or selected parts of the email to the interaction log.

Email - Set Attribute

Assigns a named item of information to the email which travels with it throughout the Customer Interaction Center. 

Email – Set Routing Options

These options assign required agent skills and/or queue priority used for Workgroup routing in advance of actually performing the Email Workgroup Transfer.

Email - Transfer to an Agent

Sends an email interaction to a specific user queue.

Email - Transfer to a Different Menu

Jumps to any location in the configuration tree.

Email - Transfer to a Workgroup

Transfers an email interaction to a workgroup.  If the destination workgroup is an ACD workgroup, you can optionally select skills that the Agent handling the interaction must have to receive the Interaction. 

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