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Display the Related Items View

Requirements: You need a Tracker Access License and the appropriate rights to display the Related Items view. You need the Customize Client Security right in order to add a new view to the CIC client. Also, you need the Related Interactions Page Security right to display the Related Items view. The View History Users Access Control right determines whose interactions appear in the Related Items view. Optionally, you need the View Other People’s Private Interactions Security Right to view other users' private interactions in the Interactions tab.

You can add the Related Items view to the CIC client. It contains two tabbed views:

  • Interactions Tab

The Interactions tab enables you to view a list of interactions associated with the contact for your currently selected interaction. Your CIC administrator controls the types of interactions that can appear in this tab. Possible interaction types include calls, chats, e-mails, and faxes. For more information, see Use the Related Items View and Configure the Interactions Tab.

  • Conversation History Tab

A Conversation History is not a record of the content of the email interactions. The email text is not preserved as part of this history. It provides a record of the contact between parties to the conversation, but not the details. For more information, see Use the Conversation History Tab.

To display the Related Items view:

  1. In the Create New View dialog box, set Group by to Categories, and then from the list of categories, select Tracker.

  1. In the Views list, select Related Items.

  2. Click OK.

Result: The Related Items view appears.

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