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Optimizer General Settings

Requirements: Only agents with the appropriate licenses can see their work schedules in the CIC client. For more information, see Interaction Optimizer.

Note: Your CIC administrator controls whether you can alter configuration settings. For more information, see Understanding the Configuration Dialog Box.

Optimizer general settings enable you to control the appearance and scope of your Optimizer Schedule.

To configure general Optimizer settings:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In the My Schedule view, click the Options toolbar button.

    • In the Configuration dialog box, click the Interaction Optimizer Settings node.

  1. In the Optimizer Settings property details pane, click the General tab.

  2. Complete the settings as described below or click Reset to default to return all settings to default values.

Daily start time
Daily end time

Set the start and end times for the time axis in the My Schedule view.

Note: In right to left languages, AM or PM precede these times in a HH:MM:SS format.

First day of week

Select the first day of the week used in both the Week and Month views in the My Schedule view.

Months of past schedules to load
Months of future schedules to load

Select the number of past and future schedules to load when the My Schedule view is displayed.

Tip: Limiting the number of schedules loaded can shorten the time it takes to display your schedule.

Warning background color

Select the Warning background color check box and click the Change Color button to select a different background color for the Current activity based on status text box in the My Schedule view.

Note: If your current status does not correspond to the activity for which you are currently scheduled, you are alerted by a change in background color in this text box. For more information, see Schedule Adherence for details.

Republished dates color

Select the Republished dates color check box and click the Change Color button to select a color to indicate republished schedules in the My Schedule view.

Note: For more information, see Republished Schedules for details.

Activity Name Format

Select whether to display the activity name or description or both in the My Schedule view.

Note: Your schedule administrator can enter an extended description for selected activities in the published schedule. This option enables you to display these descriptions, or choose not to do so.

Fill in activity display with color

Select this check box to use the selected activity color as the background for the time slot occupied by the activity.

Clear this check box to use the activity color only on the left edge of the time slot occupied by the activity.

Note: You can select the colors used for activities. For more information, see Optimizer Activity Settings.

  1. Click Apply to save your selections and apply them to the My Schedules view.

  2. Click OK to close the Configuration dialog box.

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