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Drag and Drop a Call on a Name in a Directory

You can transfer a call to an extension inside your organization or to an external directory entry by dragging it from My Interactions and dropping it on a name in the Company Directory or other directory. This is similar to a blind transfer because you are not consulting the recipient of the transfer.

Tip: To speak with a transfer recipient before a caller is transferred, see Transfer a Call After Consulting the Recipient.

This procedure assumes you are transferring calls from My Interactions, but you can transfer calls from any queue you are monitoring. You can use drag and drop call transfer only to the Company Directory, not to any other private or public directory.

To transfer by dragging a call onto a name in the Company Directory:

  1. Tell the caller that he or she is going to be transferred.

  2. Scroll (or search) the Company Directory view until you can see the name of the transfer recipient.

  3. Select and drag the call from My Interactions to the name in the Company Directory.

  4. In the Transfer Interaction dialog box, click Transfer.

Result: The caller is placed on hold, and the recipient’s telephone rings. The call disappears from your My Interactions queue, and appears as a notifying call in the transfer recipient’s My Interactions.

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