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Manage Client Memos

A Client Memo is a message sent from Interaction Supervisor to CIC client users. When Client Memos are sent, the Supervisor user can control the manner in which a message is displayed in the CIC clients; either as a desktop alert (pop-up) or as a scrolling notification along the bottom edge of the client window. 

Note: Both Interaction Connect and Interaction Desktop support client memos.

Client memos are client messaging features that help Supervisor users keep agents and workgroups informed.

For example, a Supervisor user might configure an alert to send a client memo when there are too many calls in queue, or when a queue's wait time is too long. Such a message might tell agents: "Hurry up and finish your calls. The queue is backing up!"

  • If the memo is sent as a notification, it is displayed at the bottom of the Interaction Client window. Messages move into the notification area by rotating in from the bottom while the current message rotates out the top.  To allow time for the user to read the message, there is a pause of several seconds between the time the message is fully rotated in and the time it begins cycling to the next message.

  • If the memo is sent as a desktop alert, it appears in the CIC client as a pop-up window (sometimes called toast) in the lower right–hand corner of the Windows desktop. Desktop alerts remain on screen until the user closes them or the Supervisor removes them.

How Client Memos are configured and sent

Supervisor users can send client memos in two ways:


Manually create and send a Client Memo

Edit a Client Memo

Remove a Client Memo not set to expire