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Monitored Server Installation Checklist

Complete this checklist to configure each Monitored Server in your organization so that Director can monitor it for call routing purposes.

  1. Check for updates or patches relevant to your site. For more information, see Latest Releases.

The latest releases are available on the Downloads page of the Product Information Site at This page requires you to log on to the site. The Interaction Director section contains .iso files for each release. Beside each release, you can find the Readme and Summary files that explain the changes in each release.

  1. If workgroups, dial plan, and line groups related to Director routing don't exist on the Monitored Server, set them up.

  2. Do one of the following to enable Director on your Monitored Server:


Interaction Director can monitor any CIC 3.0, 4.0, or later (for example, CIC 2015 R1 or later) servers once you enable the Director Monitored Server feature and create a CIC user account for Interaction Director to use.

  1. Configure ACD Workgroups.

  2. (Optional) Add a Workgroup Skill

  3. (Optional) Configure Workgroup Overflow.

  4. (Optional) Configure Workgroup Errors.

  5. Complete this checklist for other ACD Workgroups that you want Director to evaluate for routing purposes. You don't have to configure workgroups that are only destinations for Director-handled interactions.

  6. Complete this checklist for other Monitored Servers in your organization.