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Request Assistance from Your Supervisor

Requirements: For more information about the rights required to use the Assistance button, see Assistance. The Assistance button is enabled only for ACD-routed interactions. Also, if the interaction is not in a state in which this action can be performed, the Assistance button is dimmed.

Sometimes you encounter an interaction for which you need assistance. For example, a caller could ask a question that you cannot answer. Or you are in the middle of a web chat when you need help from your supervisor. Or you want to ask a question before you respond to an ACD-routed email.

  • You can request assistance only for ACD-routed interactions.

  • You can have one active assistance request for each interaction.

  • You can request assistance multiple times for the same interaction as long as any previous assistance requests are completed before you make a new request.

Workgroup Supervisors

Workgroup supervisors are configured in Interaction Administrator. Also, supervisors receive assistance requests only if they are running Interaction Supervisor or IC Business Manager. If supervisors are running only the CIC client, they do not receive assistance requests.

Note: At least one supervisor must be configured for your workgroup in Interaction Administrator and that supervisor must be logged on in order for the request assistance process to work properly.

Requesting Assistance

To request assistance:

  1. Do one of the following:

Result: The Request Assistance dialog box appears.

  1. In the Submit an Assistance Request text box, type a brief explanation of why you need assistance from your supervisor.

Note: Use the Pop on new message and the Play on new sound controls to alert you to a response from your supervisor.

  1. Do one of the following:

    • To cancel the request, close the Request Assistance dialog box.

    • To send the help request to your supervisor, click the Send button.

Result: The workgroup supervisor receives an assistance request in Interaction Supervisor. Also, all supervisors on the same CIC server see a pop-up toast assistance request. You can chat with your supervisor in the Request Assistance dialog box.

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