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Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports allows Customer Interaction Center users to schedule reports to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and it can distribute those reports to multiple locations. This scheduling tool allows businesses with the need to generate specific reports on a regular basis to create a schedule to run the reports and distribute them to multiple locations.

Get Started

Overview of components

Get started with the Scheduled Reports Client


Release Notes

Release Notes Web app


Scheduled Reports Documentation

CIC Scheduled Reports Installation and Configuration Guide

CIC Scheduled Reports User's Guide




System Requirement on the CIC server

Install Scheduled Reports installation files

Install the Scheduled Reports Monitoring Server

Configure the Scheduled Reports installation

Configure the Scheduled Reports Monitoring Service

Create report filters in IC Business Manager

Server parameter configuration in Interaction Administrator

Supervisor Features

Run a new Scheduled Report

Scheduling a report to run automatically

Save a report to a file


Developer Resources

Command line parameters for running reports


Related Documentation

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PureConnect Reporting Technical Reference

Interaction Report Assistant User's Guide


Additional Resources


PureConnect Community

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