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CIC provides an integrated SMS (Short Message Service) server subsystem that connects with external SMS brokers to exchange messages. The SMS server arbitrates between external SMS brokers and internal CIC subsystems, such as the ACD server, reporting, and Interaction Recorder. CIC can send outbound SMS messages using handlers by connecting to the SMS gateway or an HTTP broker. CIC can also route inbound SMS messages to users or workgroups by putting the original text into an email message.

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Overview of SMS in CIC

Understanding and Choosing SMS Brokers

Using SMS for Outbound Campaigns


Release Notes

Release Notes Web app


SMS Documentation

Short Message Service Technical Reference



Configure SMS

Configuration Options for SMS

Configure SMS in Interaction Administrator


Supervisor Features

User Productivity Report for SMS Media Type

User Call Summary Report for SMS Media Type


Agent Features

Working with Text Messages in Interaction Connect

Working with Text Messages in Interaction Desktop


Developer Resources

SMS Tools in Interaction Designer

ICWS API for SMS brokers

SMS Delivery Receipts table

SMS Delivery Receipts key

Related Documentation

Automated Switchover Technical Reference

Interaction Attributes Technical Reference


Additional Resources

PureConnect Community

Support Self-Help for SMS  

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