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Interaction Dialer is a client/server extension that adds automated dialing and campaign management features to CIC servers.  Interaction Dialer conducts campaigns by contacting a list of people according to a prescribed list of rules. Interaction Dialer places outbound telephone calls for campaigns, plays .wav files to answering machines, sends faxes to fax machines, and routes calls answered by a live person to an Interaction Attendant profile or directly to Dialer agents.

Interaction Dialer views display statistics about Dialer agents, outbound campaigns, skills, stages, wrap-up codes and categories, the overall status of multiple running campaigns, and the health of Dialer servers. If the Dialer Statistics category does not appear when you add a view, contact your CIC System Administrator. See Licenses, Security and Access Control Rights for details.


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Dialer Campaign Details

Shows detailed statistics about a campaign.

Dialer Health view

Shows the health and status of campaigns and Interaction Dialer in general.

Dialer Overview

Shows statistics and an overview of the Dialer campaigns and their agents.

Agent Overview

Statistical information for Dialer Agents broken down by Dialer campaigns.

This view is available in Dialer 4.0 Service Update 1 and later.

Skill Overview

Statistics broken down by skill per each Dialer campaign.

This view is available in Dialer 4.0 Service Update 1 and later.

Dialer Statistics

Dialer agent statistics summarize the activity of a specific Dialer agent.

Dialer campaign statistics provide totals that pertain to a campaign or site.

Dialer overall statistics summarize Dialer's performance as a whole.

Dialer phone number detail statistics summarize the details of a specific phone number.

Dialer skill statistics summarize the details of a specific skill.

Dialer stage statistics summarize the activity for a specific Dialer stage.

Dialer wrap up statistics summarize the dispositions of Dialer calls.