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Interaction Feedback

Interaction Feedback is the PureConnect Customer Feedback Management solution for automated post-call and on-demand customer surveys. With Interaction Feedback, you can create and manage customer feedback surveys, analyze survey results, and view the results of surveys in real-time. Interaction Feedback has an intuitive interface with ready-to-use templates to help you build effective satisfaction surveys that ask your customers discerning questions about the quality of their experience with your company's products and services.

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Overview of Interaction Feedback

About customer surveys

Software and hardware requirements



Release Notes

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Interaction Feedback Documentation

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Installation and Configuration

License requirements

Client Installation


Configuring settings

Assigning Interaction Feedback Access Licenses

Assigning Administrator Access rights

Assigning Access Control rights to view and modify surveys


Supervisor Features


Creating Interaction Feedback surveys

Create a post-call survey

Create an on-demand survey

Adding questions to a survey

Viewing survey results in the Dashboard

Creating a search to view survey results

Developer Resources

ICWS API Documentation for Interaction Feedback



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