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API Documentation

Qu​ick Reference Guides

These quick reference guides are concise references to different APIs.

Interaction Center Web Services (ICWS)

ICWS is a programming API that allows developers to create c​ustom applications that leverage the Interaction Center to solve business problems and is available in CIC 4.0 SU6 and later.

The ICWS Community Technology Preview (CTP) SDK is provided to allow early access, for experimentation in API consumer development environments. It is also provided so that Genesys can receive feedback on the APIs. ICWS CTP API elements are not supported for production use. The documentation contains special indicators to highlight CTP API elements.

Interaction Connect Add​-In

Interaction Connect Add-Ins are extensions to the Interaction Connect web client.


The Interaction Center Extension Library (IceLib for short) is a programming API that allows developers to create custom applications that leverage the Interaction Center to solve business problems. IceLib is for developers who use modern .Net languages, such as C# or VB.Net.

Example IceLib applications are available in the IceLib SDK Install

Dialer IceLib

Dialer IceLib is a set of libraries that extend IceLib for CIC for uses in Interaction Dialer scenarios.

Interaction Desktop Add​-In

Interaction Desktop Add-Ins are extensions to the Interaction Desktop and can provide additional functionality on an agent's desktop.

Interaction Attributes Reference Guid​e

The Interaction Attributes Reference Guide provides a list and description of system interaction attributes.

Interaction Scr​ipter

Interaction Scripter is for web page developers who create campaign scripts for the Interaction Scripter .NET Client.


Subroutines which are run on the CIC server. Handlers can be used to customize call flow and perform other server level customizations.

Interaction Process Automation De​signer

IPA Designer enables you to design and deploy automated processes that run via Interaction Process Automation (IPA) on your IC server. IPA integrates with your IC server and Interaction Clients to deliver work items to the people who need to handle them.

Interaction Web Tools​

Interaction Web Tools enables users to provide Web-based chat and callback interactions to their customers.

Designer COM and Designer Tool 

The Designer APIs allow DLLs to define tools, types, and initiators. Using the API, you can register custom tools and initiators so that they appear in Interaction Designer along with the packaged initiators and categories of tools. Handler developers can then use these custom tools and initiators, just like the packaged product, to build handlers with virtually unlimited functionality. 

This API is intended for advanced use cases and for users with in-depth CIC knowledge and experience. For simpler integration options, create a web server that runs on another server, exposes SOAP endpoints, and calls into the web service using the SOAP handler tools.