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PureConnect Outbound: Interaction Dialer and Interaction Scripter

Interaction Dialer and Interaction Scripter make up the multichannel outbound capability of PureConnect:

  • Interaction Dialer adds predictive dialing, manual dialing and outbound campaign management features to Customer Interaction Center (CIC).
  • Interaction Scripter enables campaign script developers to create standard or custom scripts for agents to use in Interaction Dialer outbound campaigns. The scripts can be used in two agent contexts: Interaction Scripter .NET Client and Scripter in Interaction Connect.

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PureConnect Outbound Solution Guide (Interaction Dialer)

Introduction to Interaction Dialer

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Interaction Dialer Documentation

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Interaction Scripter Developer's Guide

Interaction Dialer Installation and Configuration Guide

Advanced Campaign Management for Interaction Dialer Overview Guide



Dialer Administration Concepts

Dialer in Interaction Administrator

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Supervisor Features

Dialer Views in ICBM

Dialer Statistics in ICBM

Dialer Reports


Agent Features

Interaction Scripter .NET Client Help

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Developer Resources

Interaction Scripter Developer's Guide

Interaction Dialer ICWS APIs

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