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Dialer Administration Concepts

This section explains concepts and detailed information that you must know to manage Interaction Dialer effectively. Topics are sequenced to introduce concepts while building on familiarity with the system.

Dialer Architecture and Database

Introduction to Interaction Dialer

Agent Management

Dialer Database Concepts

Dialer Tables (Data Dictionary)

Contact Times: Schedules and Zone Blocking

Calling only at appropriate times

Scheduled execution of Campaigns

Objects in Interaction Dialer Manager

Dialer Configuration Objects

Introduction to Interaction Dialer Manager

Configurations stored on the CCS

Automation: Rules and Contact Policies

Introduction to Rules and Contact Policies

Differentiate when to use Rules vs. Policies

Understand Rules Sets and Rule Groups

Understand Policy Conditions and Behaviors

Contact List Management

Contact List Management Tools

Contact List Wizards

Multiple Phone Number Columns

Custom Contact List Columns

DNC Scrubbing of Contact Lists

Priority Dialing

Skills-Based Dialing and Routing

Skills-Based Routing vs. Skills-Based Dialing

ACD Weighting by Campaign

How Skills-Based Dialing Works

Skills-Based Dialing and Call List Sorting

Skills and Scheduled Calls

Skills-Based Preview Dialing

Configure Skills-Based Dialing

Campaign Management

Campaign Management Features and Controls

Campaign Creation

Properties of a Campaign Object

Campaign Execution Controls

Regulatory Compliance

Federal Do Not Call Registry

State Do Not Call Lists

Internal Do Not Call Lists and Additional DNC Resources

Managing DNC in Interaction Dialer

Filters and Sort Criteria

Compliance in the Outbound Collections Contact Center

Common Compliance Challenges and Additional Considerations

Screen Pop, Scripting, and Staging

Screen Pop and Agent Scripts

Campaign Scripts

Stages and Stage Sets

Supervisory Tools

Dialer views in IC Business Manager

Dialer Statistics

Dialer Reports