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Director Server Installation Checklist

Use this checklist to install and configure the Director server. 

  1. Before proceeding, verify that your hardware server meets the server requirements. For more information about hardware requirements, see You also need a Director Server license file, which is similar to a CIC license except that it requires the Number of Director Monitored Servers to be greater than or equal to 1.

  2. Download Interaction Director .iso file (which contains Director.msi, DirectorAdmin.msi, and DirectorDatabaseLogging.msi) from the Interaction Director section of the Downloads site at Save these files together on a local or USB drive. The Director.msi copies DirectorAdmin.msi to a share on the Director server. Do not save these files on a network share.

  3. On the Director server, Set up Interaction Director Database Logging.

  4. Install Director server with or without switchover.

Need Switchover?

Director Server Install Procedure


Install Director Server Without Switchover

Later, if you want to reconfigure your Director server for switchover, follow these procedures:

  1. Reconfigure Director Server as Primary in a Switchover Pair

  2. Reconfigure Director Server as Secondary in a Switchover Pair


  1. Install Primary Director Server in a Switchover Pair.

  2. Install Secondary Director Server in a Switchover Pair.

  1. Configure Director Server.

  2. Define Monitored Servers to specify which CIC servers for Director to monitor.

  3. Define connections between Monitored Servers so that interactions can route between them.

  4. Define Queue Objects on the Interaction Director server that correspond to site and queue combinations at each monitored site.

  5. Define Enterprise Groups (including skills and routing criterion) and assign queues to them.

  6. (Optional) Install Director Administration Tools on Desktop Computers. This install is for system administrators and handler developers. The programs it installs are on the Director server already.

  7. Proceed to the Monitored Server Installation Checklist.