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Agent Actions

When you right-click an agent in a local schedule (where editing is allowed) in the day, multi-day, or week view, you can perform the following actions:

When you right-click an agent in an AI-powered schedule, you can perform the following actions:



Agent Information Area: View agent names, paid hours and total hours in the agent area left of the schedule in the workspace.

Configuration: Consider and compare agent preference configurations when scheduling.

Intraday Monitoring: Compare actual activity to forecast activity within a given day.

Reforecasting: Reforecast in Intraday Monitoring and Reforecasting in Scheduling to create new forecasts based on the current trends for the day.

Schedule Preferences:View all the preferences for the agents in their agent group.

Agent Groups: Create groups of peer agents who can handle the same types of interactions and have similar skills.

Agent Data: View and edit agent data to be used to rank agents in agent groups.

Group Activity Scheduler: Schedule an activity for multiple agents using a range of possible schedule dates.

Time Off Requests Application: View and apply time off requests that were created after the schedule generation.

Analysis and Summary Counts Area: View scheduled and forecast counts, activity counts, expected service level, expected ASA, and expected occupancy based on the view mode.

Status Bar Area: View the status bar at-a-glance to see the number of agents, view mode, changes not saved, editing status, and filter options that are associated with the schedule in the workspace.

Filter and Sort Options: Use the filter and sort options to set filter criteria and sort order.

Schedule Display Options: Use the schedule display options to set activity, row, and column appearance, as well as, to configure if and when to display informational messages.

Schedule Publishing: Make schedules official for the current time period, or for a future time period.

Graphs: View schedule and forecast data in line or bar, in two dimensional or three dimensional graph format.

Export: Export schedule data and forecast totals to a document in HTML format to print or to post on a web site.

Miscellaneous Commands: Save and publish schedule changes, zoom in or out when viewing a schedule, and use quick keys to speed navigation.

Actual Work and RTA Exceptions: View agents actual work time and real-time adherence (or RTA exception) information on current or past schedules.