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Chat sessions are online, real-time, typed conversations between agents or between an agent and a customer browsing your company's website. Customer Interaction Center can send external chats, just like telephone calls, to CIC client agents. The program can route, transfer, and report on external chats. If an agent is not available for a chat, visitors can leave a message. Genesys Predictive Engagement chats enable agents to display journey map information in the Predictive Engagement view.

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Supported Web Browsers for Chat

How a Chat Session Works

Working with Chat Sessions in Interaction Connect

Working with Chat Sessions in Interaction Desktop

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Administering Chat

Web Chat Configuration in Interaction Administrator

Troubleshooting Chat Issues

Enable Chat Transcripts

How Chats are Routed with Oracle Service Cloud

Frequently Asked Questions about Chat

Supervisor Features

User Call Detail Report Help

Chats in CallDetailRecord log

Interaction Supervisor Statistics (including Chat)

Monitor Chats from Interaction Connect

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Supervisor Caller ID Summary Report (includes chats)

Agent Features

Manage Chat Sessions in Interaction Connect

Manage Chat Sessions in Interaction Desktop

Work with Chats in PureConnect for Salesforce

Configure Chat Options in Interaction Desktop

Interaction Connect and Genesys Predictive Engagement


Developer Resources

Interaction Web Tools Developers Guide

Web Interaction Tools

ICWS Messaging APIs

IceLib APIs related to Chat

Related Documentation

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PureConnect Integration with Genesys Predictive Engagement Technical Reference


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Managing Chat Interactions video

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