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Interaction Recorder and Interaction Quality Manager

Interaction Recorder is a PureConnect Workforce Management (WFM) application aimed at enhancing performance to achieve operational goals. The Interaction Recorder Client for IC Business Manager provides multichannel interaction recording features for quality and workforce management. The Interaction Recorder and Interaction Quality Manager features include the ability to record and assess calls, emails, chats, and social media interactions, for agent coaching and quality measurement. Interaction Recorder provides the ability to search and playback media recordings and to manage quality assessment control.

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Overview of Components

How Interaction Recorder Works

Create Interaction Recorder Policies

Create Interaction Quality Manager Questionnaires

Release Notes

Release Notes Web app


Interaction Recorder Documentation

Interaction Recorder and Interaction Quality Manager Technical Reference

Interaction Recorder Client for IC Business Manager Help

Interaction Recorder Policy Editor Help

Interaction Quality Manager Help

Interaction Recorder Extreme Query Help



Install Interaction Recorder Client

Install Interaction Screen Recorder Capture Client

PureConnect Installation and Configuration Guide

Interaction Recorder Client Licensing

PureConnect Licensing Technical Reference

Supervisor Features

Create Initiation, Retention, and Security Policies in Policy Editor

Retrieve recordings with Questionnaire Scorecards

Create a search for recordings

Score a Recording

Archive Recordings

Video: Creating Recording Policies (2:44)

Video: Assign a questionnaire to a recording (2:15)

Interaction Recorder Reports

Monitor a Live Call

Agent Features

Review scorecards and recordings

Agent Scorecard Signature


Developer Resources

ICWS API Documentation for Interaction Recorder


Related Documentation

Interaction Quality Manager Data Dictionary Technical Reference

Interaction Recorder Extreme Query

Interaction Media Server Technical Reference


Additional Resources

Interaction Recorder Videos

PureConnect Community

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