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The Telephony tools perform a variety of call-related functions within CIC. Click one of the tools below for more information on that tool.

Add Party


Alert Station Group

Alert Workgroup


Assemble Prompt Phrase

Assemble String From Attributes

Assemble Text Phrase

Auto Conference

Bind Provisional Station

Blind Transfer

Change Workgroup Queue Initiator

Complete Parallel Make Call

Compress Audio File


Convert Call Id to String

Convert Conference ID to String

Convert String to Call Id

Convert String to Conference ID

Deferred Answer

Describe Phone Number



Extended Blind Transfer

Extended Get Key

Extended Get Key Async

Extended Place Call

Flush Audio

Flush Keys

Get Attribute

Get Attributes

Get Billing Rate

Get Call Log

Get Datetime Attribute

Get Datetime Attributes

Get Key

Get Station Info

Get User's Location

Get Users with Role

Get Wildcard Attributes


Is Alertable?

Key Word Spotting

Listen From Call

Listen From Station

Log Message

Malicious Call Trace


Parallel Make Call

Parallel Make Call Failure



Place Call

Play Audio File

Play Digits

Play Prompt

Play Prompt Extended

Play Prompt Phrase

Play Recording

Play String

Play String Extended

Play Text File

Play Text File Extended

Play Tone

Priority Set Attributes


Query Conference Properties

Query Logged In Users

Query Media Type

Query Monitored Queues

Query Queue

Queue Query Type

Query Statuses for User

Query User Status

Record Audio

Record Call

Record File

Record String

Record String Extended

Record Text File

Record Text File Extended

Reload Station

Remove Party

Reset Password

Secure Session Begin

Secure Session End

Secure Session Get Key

Secure Session Info Insert

Secure Session Info Validate

Select Call

Send ADSI String

Set Attribute

Set Attributes

Set Billing Rate

Set Call State

Set Datetime Attribute

Set Datetime Attributes

Set DTMF Password

Set State String

Set User Status

Set Visual Indicator

Station Answer

Station Audio

Station Connection Confirmation

Station Group Pickup

Station Pickup

Station Place Call

Synchronous Answer

System Queue


Unbind Station

Unhold Call

User Login List

Validate DTMF Password

Verify Conference ID

Verify Interaction ID

Wait For Call On Queue

Wait for Disconnect

Wait for Monitor End

Wait Wrap Up


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