The Concepts section includes documentation on some fundamental concepts which are common to many different areas of the ICWS API. Some concepts are simple, while others contain nuances that can trip up developers. These topics strive to clarify these general points, providing conceptual context for utilizing elements throughout the ICWS API.

This topic contains the following sub-topics:

Design Principles

Discusses some of the ICWS API design principles and protocol details, such as date / time formatting and support for enumerations.

Representation Object Format

Details the format for representation objects, including advanced cases such as derived complex types and dictionaries.

Documentation Conventions

Explains the conventions used in the ICWS API documentation and provides tips for how to read it. Also explains how to interpret the associated JSON that the web service consumer code would use.


Describes ICWS API security concepts and best practices.

Web Proxies

Explains how to utilize the ICWS API with reverse proxies.


Over time, the ICWS API will be extended with additional API elements. As this occurs, newer API consumers might need to work with versioning in order to correctly operate against older Interaction Center servers that do not have support for the newer API. This section describes how to work with versioning and how to read the ICWS API documentation to determine the required version for a specified API element.

Coverage of IceLib APIs

Describes the coverage of IceLib APIs that is provided by the ICWS API. Custom application developers can use this information when planning a migration from an IceLib-based application to an ICWS-based one.