2015 R1

The 2015 R1 release of the Interaction Center supports the changes to the ICWS API described below.

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Release Highlights

The Releases documentation pages for each release (including this one) have been enhanced to include additional detail about the API changes that are included in the release. On each release's documentation page, in the Supported Feature Versions section, the release feature versions table has links to see either all the changes in the release or the changes for a particular feature.

The Workforce Management services include support for viewing agents' schedules, requesting time-off, and accessing other Interaction Optimizer data.

The Process Automation services provide access to Interaction Process Automation (IPA) processes and work items. See IPA Product Information for more information on IPA.

Error responses across the ICWS APIs were enhanced to include detailed error identifiers which indicate the specific reason for the error. Additional error response representations were also added to provide additional details for error cases such as the property name that caused the error. For information on using these error responses, see Error Responses.

The connection services were enhanced to include support for specifying media types and ACD readiness for stationless sessions. Sessions are stationless by default, but this release adds the stationlessSettings type to PUT /icws/{sessionId}/connection/station to allow the media type and other settings to be configured.

Configuration Additions and Changes

Every new wrap-up category will now have its ID generated by the IC server. As a result, all queries for wrap-up categories using a configurationId.id filter should switch to filter on the configurationId.displayName instead if it is intended to search by display name.

The Password Policies representations were enhanced with the properties specific to the password policy configuration object such as the maximumPasswordAge and the minimumPasswordLength.

The isPermanent property was added to the representations for Access Control Groups.

Supported Feature Versions

This release of the Interaction Center supports the following ICWS feature versions. See Versioning for more information about ICWS versioning, including how documentation of an API includes its required feature version and how to query the Interaction Center at run time to determine what feature versions it supports.


Only the features listed below are supported by this release of the Interaction Center. Any other feature required by later versions of ICWS is not supported. Similarly, for the listed features, this release of the Interaction Center only supports the listed version of that feature, not any higher version.

CIC 2015 R1
FeatureVersionPreviously Released Version
configuration2 (Updated)1
connection2 (Updated)1
ipa1 (New)N/A
licenses2 (Updated)1
status2 (Updated)1
wfm2 (New)N/A