IPA Resource Paths

ICWS contains resource to support some IPA functionality. Some of the resources are specific to IPA, while others are more general and apply to multiple media types, etc.. The purpose of this IPA Resources page is to point out some of these resources specific to or useful with IPA.

IPA-Specific ICWS Resources

The IPA-specific resources are located in the urn:inin.com:ipa namespace. The two "root" locations for the urn:inin.com:ipa namespace are

Session Manager File Transfer

ICWS is tasked with providing dynamic data, or data that changes over time, between sessions, etc.. On occasion, there is a need to transfer large blocks of static data, or data that does not changed often if at all. Session Manager File Transfer (SMFT), although technically not part of ICWS, is tasked with providing access to these large blocks of static data.

SMFT is used with IPA. Specifically, it provides the work item page definitions and data definitions that are need to "run" work item pages. Although a work item page definition can be modified over time as different versions of a process are published, every published version of a work item page definition and the related work item data definitions is effectively static for the specific process version for which they were published. Therefore, there is a different resource path for each work item page definition (with supporting data definitions) for each published version of a process.

When a show page event message is sent to the client, one of the things included in that message is the URI that points to the resource location of the file that contains both the work item page and the data definitions required for that specific page; that URI points to a SMFT path. The client then uses some method other than ICWS (such as AJAX in JavaScript) to obtain the file from that resource location.

See the IPA Page and Data Definitions File for more information.