2016 R1

The 2016 R1 release of the Interaction Center supports the changes to the ICWS API described below.

This topic contains the following sections:


The Dialer service was added to support usage of Interaction Dialer via the ICWS API. This service includes the ability to perform various Dialer-related operations:

  • Logging in to and out of Dialer Campaigns
  • Mark agents as ready for calls
  • Request breaks from taking Dialer Interactions
  • Disposition Dialer Interactions

For more information about getting started with the ICWS Dialer API, see Interaction Dialer.


The Lines representation was enhanced to include over 100 new properties.


The response representation to GET /icws/connection/server-info now includes the language-specific user agreement text as the authentication.userAgreementText property. Additionally, the GET /icws/connection/server-info request now supports an optional displayLanguage query string that determines the response representation's language of the authentication.userAgreementText and authentication.IdentityProviders.displayName properties.

The error.request.connection.noLicense error can now be returned from the 400 HTTP status code response of PUT /icws/{sessionId}/connection/station when the user is either not able to obtain an appropriate I3_CLIENT_ACCESS license, or the specified station is already in use by a different user.


The response representation to PUT /icws/{sessionId}/messaging/subscriptions/directories/{subscriptionId} now includes a boolean activated property that can be used to determine if the contact is activated within the specified workgroup.


The Interactions service has been extended to support callback interactions:

The Interactions service has also been extended to support call interaction subscriptions via the /icws/{sessionId}/messaging/subscriptions/interactions/{interactionId} resource.

The Interactions service has also been extended to provide a way to pause recordings for secure input via the /icws/{sessionId}/interactions/{interactionId}/secure-pause resource.


The System service has been added to support communicating with custom handlers by:

Supported Feature Versions

This release of the Interaction Center supports the following ICWS feature versions. See Versioning for more information about ICWS versioning, including how documentation of an API includes its required feature version and how to query the Interaction Center at run time to determine what feature versions it supports.


Only the features listed below are supported by this release of the Interaction Center. Any other feature required by later versions of ICWS is not supported. Similarly, for the listed features, this release of the Interaction Center only supports the listed version of that feature, not any higher version.

CIC 2016 R1
FeatureVersionPreviously Released Version
configuration6 (Updated)5
connection6 (Updated)5
dialer2 (New)N/A
directories5 (Updated)4
interactions8 (Updated)7
system1 (New)N/A