2015 R4

The 2015 R4 release of the Interaction Center supports the changes to the ICWS API described below.

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Release Highlights

A breaking change was made in the Users representation. The roles property has been changed to a inheritableConfigurationIdCollection property so that inheritance information can be properly retrieved. This breaking change affects all User configuration APIs that return a User object.

New documentation has been added to describe the coverage of IceLib APIs that is provided by the ICWS API. Custom application developers can use this information when planning a migration from an IceLib-based application to an ICWS-based one.

New APIs have been added to the Connection service to allow web browser-based applications to implement single sign-on using redirects instead of a pop-up window. Details on how to use these APIs can be found in the Using Single Sign-on section of the Connecting page.

The Interactions service in this release has been extended to add in the following support:

The Interactions service has also been extended to support chat interactions:

The Phone Numbers service introduced in this release provides the ability to query the details for a phone number via the /icws/{sessionId}/phone-numbers/query-details resource.

Supported Feature Versions

This release of the Interaction Center supports the following ICWS feature versions. See Versioning for more information about ICWS versioning, including how documentation of an API includes its required feature version and how to query the Interaction Center at run time to determine what feature versions it supports.


Only the features listed below are supported by this release of the Interaction Center. Any other feature required by later versions of ICWS is not supported. Similarly, for the listed features, this release of the Interaction Center only supports the listed version of that feature, not any higher version.

CIC 2015 R4
FeatureVersionPreviously Released Version
configuration5 (Updated)4
connection5 (Updated)4
interactions7 (Updated)5
phone-numbers2 (New)N/A
statistics2 (Updated)1
wfm4 (Updated)3