Example Applications

The ICWS SDK includes example applications that demonstrate usage of various parts of the API for 3rd party developers. These example applications are implemented using various technologies, to provide examples for a wider variety of languages.

This topic contains the following sections:

JavaScript Direct Usage Example

This example application demonstrates using the ICWS API directly, using only HTML and JavaScript. No wrapper classes are used for requests/responses/messages and no 3rd party framework is used (e.g. jQuery or an application level framework).

The application sidebar displays diagnostic information about what the application is doing, to help correlate user interface operations with ICWS API operations. Once an ICWS connection is established, the application header will include an example page selection control and simple ICWS session controls (i.e. the logged in IC user and a logout option).

Once the user continues on to the application, a connection form will be displayed to allow the user to connect to an ICWS server. Additional example pages are available once an ICWS connection is established. Those pages demonstrate processing messages received from ICWS, interrogating ICWS server features/versions, monitoring for changes to the logged in user's Interaction Center status, retrieving configuration settings for the logged in user, and monitoring for workgroup configuration changes.