Getting Started

The Getting Started section includes documentation on some key areas of the ICWS API, such as overview information and examples for common use cases. It can be challenging for a new developer to determine where to get started with the elements of a namespace.

These topics are meant to "jump start" that effort, providing some important aspects to be aware of for a particular API area. Additionally, by providing focused example snippets around common tasks, these topics provide quicker understanding of what's possible and how to make those possibilities into reality. Then, the more full-featured example applications extend the core concepts and API usages into the context of developing real applications that allow users to perform larger tasks.

This topic contains the following sub-topics:

Making Requests

In order to work with the ICWS API, consumer code must make requests to retrieve data or perform operations.


This topic describes how to get started with connecting to an IC server.

Event Subscriptions and Messaging

The ICWS API provides access to real time information, including support for subscribing for changes that are delivered as "messages" to the API consumer.

Language-specific Libraries

The ICWS SDK includes helper libraries to simplify common API usages in several languages, including JavaScript, C#, Objective-C, and others.

JavaScript Language-Specific Library

Explains the JavaScript Language-Specific Library and how to get started using it.

Objective-C Language-Specific Library

Explains the Objective-C Language-Specific Library and how to get started using it.

C# Language-Specific Library

Explains the C# Language-Specific Library and how to get started using it.

Example Applications

The ICWS SDK includes example applications that demonstrate usage of various parts of the API for 3rd party developers. These example applications are implemented using various technologies, to provide examples for a wider variety of languages.