2016 R3

The 2016 R3 release of the Interaction Center supports the changes to the ICWS API described below.

This topic contains the following sections:

Server-Sent Events Support

Support for the W3C server-sent events standard was added. New conceptual content documentation was added on how to retrieve messages via server-sent events as opposed to the short-polling method. This documentation can be found on the Retrieving Messages page. Guidance on configuring reverse proxies to work with server-sent events has also been added, and can be found on the Configuration for Server-Sent Events page. Additionally, the JavaScript direct usage example application included with the ICWS SDK was updated to support server-sent events.



A breaking change was made to the validationError.validationErrorType enum which is used when reporting validation errors in a 400 HTTP status code response for configuration POST requests. New values were added and the values for existingLanguageValues, referenceCount, and wrapupStatusTimeout have changed. This change was necessary to correct an implementation error.

A new Update Service Configuration service was added to support retrieving and configuring options for the Interactive Update feature.

A new lines property was added to the 200 HTTP status code response of the GET /icws/{sessionId}/configuration/line-groups and GET /icws/{sessionId}/configuration/line-groups/{id} methods.

A new legalAgreement property was added to the 200 HTTP status code response of the GET /icws/{sessionId}/configuration/login-authentication method. This property can also be set via the associated PUT /icws/{sessionId}/configuration/login-authentication method.

A new value property was added to the 200 HTTP status code response on the GET /icws/{sessionId}/configuration/system-parameters and GET /icws/{sessionId}/configuration/system-parameters/{id} methods. This property can also be set via the associated POST /icws/{sessionId}/configuration/system-parameters and PUT /icws/{sessionId}/configuration/system-parameters/{id} methods.


A new purecloudIntegration property was added to the 201 HTTP status code response of the POST /icws/connection method. This property will only be included in the response if the include query parameter specifies the purecloud-integration option. This property indicates if the PureCloud integration has been enabled.

A new authentication.identityProviders.builtInIdentityProvider property was added to the 200 HTTP status code response of the GET /icws/connection/server-info method. This property indicates if the identity provider is one of the built-in providers.


A new urn:inin.com:common:error error type was added for the 400 HTTP status code response of the POST /icws/{sessionId}/interactions method. This error type will be returned in cases where a response email cannot be created because the current session does not have an active subscription to the parent email.

A new additionalAttributes property has been added to the POST /icws/{sessionId}/interactions/{interactionId}/consult method. This property can be used to specify additional attributes to be associated with the interaction when it is created.

A new assistanceRequestSubscriptionStateMessage data contract was added to provide a way to be notified of when an assistance request subscription state changes, such as if the subscription has been suspended or faulted. See the PUT /icws/{sessionId}/messaging/subscriptions/interactions/agent-assistance method for further information.

A new POST /icws/{sessionId}/interactions/{interactionId}/chat/send-file method was added to allow sending a file to a chat interaction.

A new POST /icws/{sessionId}/interactions/{interactionId}/chat/send-response-management-file method was added to support adding files to a chat interaction from response management.

A new messageType property was added to the interactions.chat:chatContentsMessage data contract, which impacts the messagesAdded property of the 200 HTTP status code response of GET /icws/{sessionId}/messaging/messages.

The Interactions service has been extended to add support for emails via the following:

Supported Feature Versions

This release of the Interaction Center supports the following ICWS feature versions. See Versioning for more information about ICWS versioning, including how documentation of an API includes its required feature version and how to query the Interaction Center at run time to determine what feature versions it supports.


Only the features listed below are supported by this release of the Interaction Center. Any other feature required by later versions of ICWS is not supported. Similarly, for the listed features, this release of the Interaction Center only supports the listed version of that feature, not any higher version.

CIC 2016 R3
FeatureVersionPreviously Released Version
configuration8 (Updated)7
connection8 (Updated)7
interactions10 (Updated)9
messaging3 (Updated)1