2015 R2

The 2015 R2 release of the Interaction Center supports the changes to the ICWS API described below.

This topic contains the following sections:

Single Sign-On (SSO)

The single sign-on (SSO) feature introduced in this release provides the ability to use authentication methods other than IC Authentication to connect to ICWS by making use of identity providers that support the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 protocol. Interaction Center also provides a built-in identity provider that provides IC authentication and NTLM authentication.

To provide the SSO support in ICWS, the GET /icws/connection/server-info method provides an additional singleSignOnCapabilities query string parameter and will include the list of identity providers that match those capabilities in the response object. Once the user has selected an identity provider, the new GET /icws/connection/single-sign-on/identity-providers/{identityProviderId} method will start the SAML authentication process. Once authenticated, the user-agent will be directed to the /icws/connection/single-sign-on/return resource which will provide a token. The client will then provide this token in the POST /icws/connection request using the new singleSignOnTokenConnectionRequestSettings object. The token is also suitable for the client application to store to provide automatic reconnect support if the connection to ICWS was lost.

For additional information, see Using Single Sign-on.


In previous versions of ICWS, the clientConfigurationProperties object had properties with the incorrect types. The property types in previous releases did not account for inheritance from workgroups and roles and therefore did not function. These types have been change to 'inheritable' properties and now function correctly. Due to the inherited nature of these properties, they cannot be used in the where query string parameter on the GET /icws/{sessionId}/configuration/users method. The API documentation has been updated to remove these properties from the list of filter options.

In addition to the type changes on the existing properties, the following properties were added:

  • accountCodeSortByNumber
  • autoPlayVoicemail
  • callForwardAll
  • callForwardAllMode
  • callForwardAllowChange
  • followMe


The property type changes may break existing code that is not expecting the 'inheritable' types.

The urlAction property was added to the methods in Actions.

The Login Authentication Configuration API was added to provide the ability to modify the authentication types that the Interaction Center will accept when client application connect.

Other Improvements

As an optimization, when connecting using the POST /icws/connection method, the client application can specify the include query string parameter to have the server and feature version information returned in the response. This allows the client to get all of the information in one request as opposed to having to make the separate requests to GET /icws/connection/version and GET /icws/connection/features.

Passwords can now be changed using the POST /icws/{sessionId}/security/password method. The POST /icws/connection response has also been updated with the new daysUntilPasswordExpiration property. This property indicates when client applications should prompt users to change their passwords. This property will not be sent unless the password has entered the password age warning period.

The error responses for PUT /icws/{sessionId}/connection/station were improved to indicate more detailed information for error cases.

The connectionStateChangeMessage and the response to GET /icws/{sessionId}/connection both have a new shouldReconnect property which indicates to client applications if it should attempt to automatically reconnect or remain in a disconnected state and display the reason to the user.

Supported Feature Versions

This release of the Interaction Center supports the following ICWS feature versions. See Versioning for more information about ICWS versioning, including how documentation of an API includes its required feature version and how to query the Interaction Center at run time to determine what feature versions it supports.


Only the features listed below are supported by this release of the Interaction Center. Any other feature required by later versions of ICWS is not supported. Similarly, for the listed features, this release of the Interaction Center only supports the listed version of that feature, not any higher version.

CIC 2015 R2
FeatureVersionPreviously Released Version
configuration3 (Updated)2
connection3 (Updated)2
interactions3 (Updated)1
security1 (New)N/A
wfm3 (Updated)2